We've heard your requests, and better reachout management is now here!

Snooze or Skip A Reachout

From your Win The Day Reachout list, easily skip until a date of your choosing. Traktivity suggests a few timeframes, or pick a day that works best for you.


You can also now use our Quick Log feature. This is perfect if you don't need to make any notes or you're tight for time, and a feature many of you asked for. Simply select "Quick Log", and a reachout will be assigned to this contact. They'll be automatically scheduled for a follow up in 2 weeks (for your Dream Team Contacts) or 3 weeks (for any other contacts). That's it - you're done.

Push Notification Reminders of Appointments

On our mobile app, you'll now get a push notification 15 minutes ahead of your appointments, so you can be sure you're ready to connect. (Note: Device & Google calendar integration is not included in this release, but is planned for the future.)

Overdue & Missed Activities

Overdue activities are now grouped at the top of your Win The Day list, and will stay there until you resolve them. No more missed opportunities!

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