Importing your Facebook Contacts is now even easier!

The best way to upload contacts is via the iOS App, the Android App, or with the Google Chrome Extension from your browser.

If you're using the iOS or Android App, follow the on-screen prompts. With the web browser, here's what you'll need to do:

1. Visit the Chrome web store and install Traktivity Helper.

2. Open Traktivity in your web browser and log in.

3. Open Facebook in another tab, and log in. From this tab, select the Traktivity icon, and click the "Import Contacts" button.

4. Once you're done, you'll see the successful import message and can close the extension pop-up. Now you're ready to go!


Manual Import

1 . Go to 

2. Click "Download Your Information" 

3. Change File Format to "JSON"

4. Uncheck all but "Friends"
5. Click "Create File"

6. Click "Available Files"

7. Wait for Facebook to process (refresh your screen as needed)
8. Click "Download"
9. Unzip the downloaded file
10. Go to and Click "Upload File" in the Import Facebook Contacts process

11. Select the "friends.json" file for import

12. The import should only take a few seconds!

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