This big feature upgrade is a direct response to your requests for updates, changes, and enhanced functions. Please continue to submit suggested updates, so we can continue to make Traktivity your best tool for growing your business.

Redesigned Activity Logging & Better Follow-Up Management

Win The Day -- Updates To The Today List

  • Your overdue or missed Follow-ups are now grouped at the top of the list, and will stay there until resolved.

  • New option to quick log an Activity (i.e. mark as done) without entering any additional information, with an automatic follow-up scheduled.

  • Skip a followup and reschedule to a later date.

Upgraded Calendar Page Options

  • See your scheduled Follow-ups and Appointments in your daily view.

  • From your list view, click to log an activity directly from your calendar & select from additional options including edit, delete, skip, or quick log.

  • Updated Calendar Page design.

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