We know you're always adding new friends on Facebook and new connections to your digital rolodex.

How can you make sure your Traktivity dashboard is complete? It's important to update regularly. Here's how!

Update Facebook Contacts:

From the app or your browser, run the Facebook contact importer periodically to refresh and update your contacts. Note: this will not duplicate your contacts, UNLESS you've made manual name changes in your Traktivity dashboard. (So, if your friend got married and you changed her name in Traktivity, but she didn't update it in Facebook, your refresh will duplicate the contact.)

Update Google Contacts:

Select the Import Contacts button from your Contacts page, then select your Google account to import new contacts. Your duplicates won't be imported!

Update Other Contacts:

Select Import Contacts and follow the instructions to import your new contacts from Yahoo, Outlook, LinkedIn, R+F, or any CSV document!

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