Traktivity identifies your teammates as belonging to either your upline, sideline, or downline. Here’s a quick guide to each so you’ll know where everyone belongs!


Your Upline are the leaders who brought you into this business -- and their own leaders above them. Whether it’s your friend who initially helped you open your business, or her mentor who holds weekly training calls, if you’ve got contacts who are part of your business structure and benefit from your activities, they’re your upline. 


As you build your business, you’ll meet other consultants and entrepreneurs who have joined your upline’s team -- but they’re not directly tied to you and your downline. In other words, they’re on the same team -- but you’re not technically working together to build either one of your own businesses. Think of it as a school sports team, with a Varsity, JV, and C team. Every team plays an important role for the school’s overall rankings -- but the JV team’s win doesn’t count toward the Varsity’s overall scoring history. 

Sideline partners are important, because you can work together on company-wide promotions, help support each other at events, and serve as important social validation -- helping others around you see not only the greatness of your products, but the potential of your business.  (Sometimes these people are called crossline partners.)


Your downline is everyone YOU have brought into the business and recruited to join you on your own team. Depending on your company’s structure, you may also count several levels of people that your immediate downline recruits as part of your own downline. Ultimately, if it’s someone who you brought on board and contributes to your overall team’s income as a business builder -- not a customer -- that person is part of your downline. 

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