We can import your contacts and contact history from Teamzy! All you have to do is email support@traktivity.com with copies of your Teamzy contact and activity export, and we can add it to your account. There are 2 files that you need to export from Teamzy and send to us, so we can upload it into your account.

 1) Login to Teamzy.
2) The first export is on the team tab > select the gear icon next to the import button > select export contacts.
 3) The next is on the business tab > Scroll down to activity history> select the export button.
 4) Email the 2 files to support@traktivity.com and include the email address associated with your account. We will get all of your information imported into Traktivity.

You need to active Traktivity account. It will take up to 48hrs to get the files loaded into Traktivity. 

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