What’s a Reachout? How is it different from a Conversation or a Validation?

A reachout happens anytime you initiate contact with a prospective business partner or customer. If you send them an email, give them a call, schedule a coffee date, or start a new conversation on social media -- that’s a reachout. It could also be that preliminary chat when you meet someone new, collect their information, and plan to meet again soon.

The conversation stage is a process. This could include conversations 2-15 realistically. You’ve gotten to know them a bit better, and you have potentially identified a particular problem or pain point your prospect has addressed.  You are listening intently to your prospect, and seeing if there is a need you may be able to help with...whether it be your product, service or opportunity. The goal is NOT to pitch them a product or business, but once a problem is identified, asking if they are ‘open’ to learning more about what you have found or are doing :)

A validation is the step of the conversation when you now have an interested prospect and you point them to a tool of choice (i.e. video, website, 3-way chat/call, webinar, etc). A validation gives your prospect the chance to hear a brief overview about the benefits of your product or business. This then makes the follow up process simple as you see what they liked best about what they saw/heard.

Enroll is the last step, the one in which you help your prospect get started. If you need to jump on the phone, or video chat with them to help walk through the process, you do it. You’ve worked hard up to this point, and now you reap the benefits of helping another person.

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