How does our Win With Five program work?

It's easy - you share Traktivity with your network and connections (just click the button to share or copy your link, right from your Traktivity dashboard).

Once you have five or more connections sign up for Traktivity, you'll qualify to get Traktivity for free!

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What if I have a monthly subscription to Traktivity?

If you have five or more active referrals (referred customers with active subscriptions) at the end of your billing cycle, you'll get the next month free.

What if I have an annual subscription to Traktivity?

In case of a yearly subscription, you get a discount corresponding to the number of months where you had five or more active referrals. This discount will be applied to your next billing cycle. So if you have an annual subscription and you had 5+ active referrals for two months of that period, your next bill will be $116.65 instead of $139.99 (139.99 - 2 * (139.99/12)).

What if I refer people during my trial period? Do I still get credit?

If you have five or more active referrals at the end of your trial period, your first month is free. If you do not have an active trial and purchase a subscription now (maybe you had canceled before), your first purchase will not reflect your current active referrals. You will get the normal referral discount from the next billing cycle.

I still have questions.

We'd love to help! Just email us and let us know how we can support you!

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